I love new beginnings but often new beginnings are based upon a past. The tapestries of our lives are woven from the experiences and knowledge gained over time.

I’m thrilled to present to you the new website design for Dragonfly Blu. Updated writing and design services are based on years of experience working in the arts industry, and they serve to compliment an established foundation for providing my clients with a greater selection of options for marketing and promoting their work.

Photography, while it started out as a personal passion, has come to embellish the list of offerings provided by Dragonfly. I have found that past clients have appreciated photos of high quality to show perspectives of their studios, artwork, gallery spaces, and shows.

Now with the relaunch of Dragonfly in 2017, it is my intention to add a greater level of sophistication to my customer service support. Reaching out to galleries and universities in the Boston area, I seek to bring together various arts organization and the community. It was never, nor will it be in future, my intention to be a critic of the arts. My mission has always been to be a promoter – to share with individual folks the beauty and the therapeutic benefits of art whether that art be in the form of painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design etc.